Harnessing AI & ML for
Dog Breed Identification

A Case Study on the Dog Breed Scanner App

About project

With the Dog Breed Scanner app, the world of dog breeds is at your fingertips! Our state-of-the-art application utilizes AI and ML to identify over a hundred distinct dog breeds. Uncover fascinating facts, engage in informative quizzes, and delve deeper into the characteristics of all breeds with our extensive database, which includes details about height, weight, origin, lifespan, and more. Whether you’re a dog lover looking to broaden your knowledge or a professional in need of quick, accurate breed identification, our app is your perfect companion.

Expertise Utilized

Team Composition

Time to MVP Launch

Project Delivery Timeline

Challenges Overcome

Our project faced several demanding challenges

Our Solution

We overcame these challenges with innovative
approaches and cutting-edge technology

Key Features

Our app boasts a host of compelling features

Technology Stake

Our project leveraged a variety of leading-edge





Mobile Tech



TensorFlow Lite

UI/UX Design


This project showcases our capacity to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that effectively combine
AI/ML technology, mobile app development, and UI/UX design. With our Dog Breed Scanner app, identifying
dog breeds has never been easier or more enjoyable!

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