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Hire Dedicated Manual Testers From Saeculum Solutions

Experienced in manual testing with comprehensive techniques. Constantly evolving with new tools and modern approaches.

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Manual Software Testing Services On Offer

Saeculum Solutions provides comprehensive manual testing services with an experienced QA team. Our services include installation testing, functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, and more.

Performance testing

Ensure the core functionalities of your software perform as intended and guarantee accuracy, stability, and performance through our comprehensive performance testing services

Usability testing

Our commitment is to take all necessary measures to guarantee the complete satisfaction of your end users with your product.

GUI testing

Our team of specialists can conduct user perspective testing to ensure UI elements align with the original design specifications, promoting compliance.

Configuration testing

Our experts will assess the functional requirements of your software and identify the optimal configurations to enhance its performance.

Localization testing

Capture the hearts of your target markets by detecting and eliminating localization-related defects in your solution, ensuring seamless distribution.

24*7 Technical Support

Our dedicated team of developers and testers is equipped to provide comprehensive technical and non-technical support. Feel free to reach out to our team for valuable tips and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Case Studies

Feel free to explore our software development case studies and gain insights into our work.

A Case Study in Building Reliable Multilingual Fact-Checking Solutions About Project In an era where misinformation spreads as swiftly as wildfire…

Discover how entrepreneurs overcome the challenge of collecting customer data with our  gamification platform. By incentivizing customers with exciting games…

Gytree is a revolutionary web app that provides a safe space for women to connect with Lady Experts via one-to-one video consultations. Say goodbye to judgment and body shaming …

Our Hiring Model

Explore our streamlined and uncomplicated process for hiring Manual QA from Saeculum Solutions.



Let's connect through a call to discuss your requirements and assess our compatibility.

Select Developers

Select Developers

Tap into our exceptional in-house tech pool to hire the finest Manual QA. Conduct interviews and shortlist candidates effortlessly, finding the ideal match for your team in no time

Team Integration

Team Integration

Consider our developers as an integral part of your team. Assign tasks and receive daily updates, ensuring seamless collaboration and accountability throughout the process.

Team Scaling

Team Scaling

Enjoy the flexibility to scale your team as needed, whether you require expansion or reduction in team size.

Hire a Manual QA As Per Your Need

Elevate your development experience by hiring a team of skilled Manual QA from Saeculum Solutions.

Full Time Hiring

Time Duration

One Month

(160 Hours)

Billing monthly

Part Time Hiring

Time Duration

4 Hours

(Per Day)

Billing Weekly


Hourly Hiring

Time Duration


(per hour)

Billing Hourly / Weekly

Project Based Hiring

Time Duration

Project Based

( As Per Project)

Billing Milestone Based

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Why Choose Us


Experienced QA Testers

Our Manual Testing team is highly agile and outcome-focused, taking full ownership of your project and ensuring optimal results at every testing stage. Experience the best possible outcomes by hiring our dedicated Manual Testers today!


Testing Transparency

Our development and testing process is characterized by transparency, providing our clients with insights into the testing phase. We offer step-by-step, regular project updates and accommodate last-minute changes, ensuring a collaborative and flexible approach.


Timely Project Delivery

By choosing to hire dedicated Manual Testers from Saeculum Solutions, you can guarantee 100% on-time project delivery. Our testers understand the significance of every second and prioritize their work accordingly.


Fixed & Flexible Pricing Model

Our pricing model is transparent and adaptable, with no additional charges or hidden costs. We engage in detailed discussions regarding pricing during the initial stage of project development, covering both software and app testing.


Cost-effective Solutions

Saeculum Solutions follows a streamlined development and testing process, emphasizing essential components. We offer budget-friendly services tailored to your business model, allowing you to hire Manual testers for efficient and cost-effective solutions.


24*7 Technical Support

Our dedicated team of developers and testers provides extensive technical and non-technical support. Feel free to reach out to our team for valuable tips and customized solutions to meet your needs.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Our esteemed clients speak highly of our services and have shared their positive experiences. Discover what they have to say about us.
saeculum solutions

Working with them has been a great experience. Always quick to respond and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone needing web design and development.

Dennis Romano

Managing Director at Envision Dennis Romano LLC

saeculum solutions review
saeculum solutions

Very professional group of individuals. Always going out of their way to meet the needs. Highly recommended for any type of project.

Amit Parekh,

Agile Coach at
Signify Health
saeculum solutions review
saeculum solutions

Working with Aadityah has been a great experience. Always quick to respond and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone needing web design and development.

Max Kemp,

Events & Marketing Manager at iRock Entertainment

saeculum solutions review
irock entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

Saeculum Solutions offers a flexible and seamless hiring model that is cost-effective. We ensure transparency by charging only for the dedicated services provided within the specified deadline. Our manual testers deliver exceptional manual testing services that align with your budgetary requirements.

We simplify and expedite the hiring process into 5 simple steps: Analyzing your project requirements, allocating resources through a systematic shortlisting of Manual Testers, conducting interviews for your selection, sharing the finalized contract for a final review, and commencing project execution.

When you hire a dedicated Manual Tester from Saeculum Solutions on a full-time basis, they will exclusively dedicate their working hours to your project. We provide flexible engagement models, combining highly experienced Manual Testers with a customized approach that aligns with your specific project requirements.

Certainly! When you hire a dedicated Manual Tester from us, they can seamlessly integrate into your in-house team. You have the flexibility to choose their engagement on a part-time, full-time, or hourly basis. Take advantage of our skilled QA professionals by hiring them today!

Stay informed about your project’s progress with our regular daily, weekly, and monthly updates and reports. Our dedicated team members will maintain seamless communication through email and Skype, ensuring constant connectivity with you.

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