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At Saeculum Solutions, we alleviate the pain of hiring WordPress developers. Our extensive vetting process ensures a network of curated talents capable of meeting your business needs.

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Hire WordPress Developer: Services Offered

Transform your business rapidly and create significant value by hiring top-notch WordPress developers to build open-source applications.

WordPress CMS Development

Ensure the productivity and relevance of your CMS site by hiring wordPress developers who will keep it updated and aligned with the latest trends.

WordPress Plugin Development

Elevate your brand with remote WordPress developers specializing in custom plugin development, dedicated to meeting your specific requirements.

WordPress Blog Development

Leverage the power of WordPress by hiring expert developers who specialize in the development and seamless integration of WordPress blogs.

WordPress E-commerce Development

Meet your business requirements with the assistance of dedicated WordPress experts specializing in WordPress eCommerce Development services.

WordPress Integration

Create a functionally rich user experience with the help of offshore WordPress developers specializing in Custom API and integration services.

WordPress Support & Maintenance

Ensure the ongoing security and updates of your website by hiring a WordPress developer for support and maintenance services.

Case Studies

Feel free to explore our software development case studies and gain insights into our work.

A Case Study in Building Reliable Multilingual Fact-Checking Solutions About Project In an era where misinformation spreads as swiftly as wildfire…

Discover how entrepreneurs overcome the challenge of collecting customer data with our  gamification platform. By incentivizing customers with exciting games…

Gytree is a revolutionary web app that provides a safe space for women to connect with Lady Experts via one-to-one video consultations. Say goodbye to judgment and body shaming …

Our Skills

Here’s an overview of the cutting-edge technologies we utilize to develop intuitive and secure WordPress websites.




Hybrid Core
















Tools Utilities


Media Library

Permalink Settings

Site Health

Database Optimization


Security Plugins

Performance Optimization

Our Hiring Model

Explore our streamlined and uncomplicated process for hiring WordPress developer from Saeculum Solutions.



Let's connect through a call to discuss your requirements and assess our compatibility.

Select Developers

Select Developers

Tap into our exceptional in-house tech pool to hire the finest WordPress Developers. Conduct interviews and shortlist candidates effortlessly, finding the ideal match for your team in no time

Team Integration

Team Integration

Consider our developers as an integral part of your team. Assign tasks and receive daily updates, ensuring seamless collaboration and accountability throughout the process.

Team Scaling

Team Scaling

Enjoy the flexibility to scale your team as needed, whether you require expansion or reduction in team size.

Hire An WordPress Developer As Per Your Need

Elevate your development experience by hiring a team of skilled WordPress developers from Saeculum Solutions.

Full Time Hiring

Time Duration

One Month

(160 Hours)

Billing monthly

Part Time Hiring

Time Duration

4 Hours

(Per Day)

Billing Weekly


Hourly Hiring

Time Duration


(per hour)

Billing Hourly / Weekly

Project Based Hiring

Time Duration

Project Based

( As Per Project)

Billing Milestone Based

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Why Choose Us


Integrity & Transparency

Rest assured that your intellectual property is safeguarded with us. Our experienced WordPress web designers operate ethically, adhering strictly to intellectual property rights (IPRs) and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).


5+ years of experience

As a distinguished WordPress development company, we have successfully served global clients for over 5 years, gaining extensive expertise in all aspects of WordPress.


Skip Sourcing Candidates

Eliminate the hassle of tedious sourcing processes to find the perfect fit for your project. We provide a curated list of niche-specific WordPress developers for hire, ensuring a streamlined selection process.


Smooth Project Management

We streamline project handling and save you time and effort by utilizing smart project management tools for seamless coordination.


Affordable Developers

Save up to 60% on salary compared to in-house talent without compromising on quality and project dedication by hiring a dedicated WordPress designer from Saeculum Solutions.


Beat the Talent Crunch

Access a wealth of industry-leading developers with ease, as we boast a team of 50+ experienced and passionate talents dedicated to innovation and staying ahead of futuristic trends.

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Our esteemed clients speak highly of our services and have shared their positive experiences. Discover what they have to say about us.
saeculum solutions

Working with them has been a great experience. Always quick to respond and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone needing web design and development.

Dennis Romano

Managing Director at Envision Dennis Romano LLC

saeculum solutions review
saeculum solutions

Very professional group of individuals. Always going out of their way to meet the needs. Highly recommended for any type of project.

Amit Parekh,

Agile Coach at
Signify Health
saeculum solutions review
saeculum solutions

Working with Aadityah has been a great experience. Always quick to respond and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone needing web design and development.

Max Kemp,

Events & Marketing Manager at iRock Entertainment

saeculum solutions review
irock entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply communicate your project requirements, and we will provide you with a carefully screened and comprehensive list of WordPress developer profiles perfectly suited for your project. Interview the shortlisted candidates, and leave the heavy lifting to us as we develop a robust WordPress website or app for you.

Our team of WordPress programmers can assist you with the following services:


  • WordPress website development
  • CMS development
  • Customization of WordPress templates
  • Design and development of WordPress websites
  • Blog development
  • WordPress migration services
  • Plugin development
  • Theme development

Upon receiving a new project, we promptly assemble a dedicated team equipped with the necessary resources. This team is entrusted with the responsibility of charting a timeline encompassing the different stages of the WordPress website development process.


We believe in transparent communication, so we share this timeline with our valued customers, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the process and stay informed about the progress of their website’s development.


Additionally, our diligent project manager ensures that clients receive regular updates upon the completion of each stage. Should you require specific information regarding your project’s status, please feel free to directly contact your designated project manager.

We are here to serve as your comprehensive partner for WordPress website development, offering end-to-end solutions. Our services encompass a thorough Qualitative Analysis, ensuring the highest standards of excellence.


We are dedicated to providing continuous support and maintenance services around the clock, both during and after the deployment of your website. Rest assured, our team is committed to being available 24/7 to address any concerns and provide ongoing assistance to ensure the success of your website.

If you are looking to create a website or blog that offers exceptional customization, user-friendliness, and an array of advanced features, it is advisable to hire a skilled WordPress developer. These professionals possess the expertise to tailor your website or blog to your specific needs, ensuring a highly customized online presence.


Moreover, a WordPress developer can optimize your website or blog for search engine optimization (SEO), enhancing its visibility and search engine rankings.


One of the significant advantages of working with a WordPress developer is their ability to fortify your website or blog against potential security threats. By implementing robust security measures, they can help create a secure online platform, safeguarding your valuable data from malicious attacks.


Additionally, WordPress developers can be instrumental in troubleshooting any issues that may arise and implementing necessary changes or improvements to maintain the smooth functioning of your website or blog. Their technical proficiency and problem-solving skills ensure that your online presence remains operational and delivers a seamless user experience.

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