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Enhancing business processes
for the Gas Industry

SF6 Gas Management, Employee Tracking, and Inventory Management

About Project

We partnered with a global leader in the supply of SF6 Gas (Sulfur Hexafluoride gas), and other specialty and rare gases for industrial, commercial, and consumer uses. Our collaboration aimed to enhance their business processes, inventory management, and employee tracking in a fast-paced, demanding industry.


The Challenges

The Solution

Team Size

A dedicated team of 4 professionals

Time to MVP Launch

Rapid development and
deployment with MVP launched
in just 4 weeks

Project Delivery Timeline

Ongoing development over 12 weeks
and counting, ensuring continuous
innovation and improvements

Key Features

Dynamic Dashboard

Our widget-based design allows you to create a unique view of your business with a wide array of widgets, including inventory reports, total purchases, returns, circuit breaker activities, and client overviews.

Efficient Client Management

Oversee all aspects of your client relationships with features for data management, document uploads, bulk import, and more.

Employee and Subcontractor Management

Handle every aspect of employee and subcontractor data with features for data management, bulk import, and export.

Comprehensive Purchase and Return Management

Manage every aspect of gas handling, from warranty to recycling, with features for customer satisfaction tracking, product replacement, drop shipping, and cylinder management.

Robust Inventory Management

End-to-end gas management, including purchase, refill, recovery, testing, removal, disposal, and damage processes.

Circuit Breaker Management

versee all substation and circuit breaker operations.

Real-time Gas Topoff Tracking

Track employee and subcontractor activities in real-time with map view for enhanced data understanding.

Technology Stack




Cloud Provider

Cloud Services

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