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A state-of-the-art workforce management system is committed to making businesses more efficient and profitable. By simplifying everyday challenges in employee and operational task management, we enable businesses to focus on what truly matters.

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Key Features

Interactive Dashboard

The Dashboard feature in software offers a user-friendly overview of real-time workforce events, including shift statuses and important updates, enabling you to monitor and manage your workforce efficiently at a glance. The Dashboard feature displays widgets that show activities such as shift starts, task completions, breaks, and shifts in progress. You can easily track who is currently on shift, view upcoming shifts, identify employees on leave, monitor scan activity, track breaks, and more. The Dashboard simplifies workforce management by presenting key information at a glance, helping you stay informed and make timely decisions.

Schedule Screen

An adaptable hub for managing employees and assigning shifts. This user-friendly interface allows for visual schedule adjustments and access to detailed employee time and cost information, promoting operational efficiency.


Gain a comprehensive view of each employee’s shift, allowing for review, modification, validation, and fraud monitoring. Once approved, the timesheet is prepared for payroll, providing accurate data for seamless processing.

Mobile, Tablet, and Kiosk Apps

Our dynamic app adjusts based on user roles, providing a personalized experience while simplifying app management and deployment.

Real-time Tracking

Activate or deactivate user location monitoring as needed. A map view of the journey assists in better understanding of the tracked data.

And many more features like paperless onboarding, flexible rostering, compliance at the core, custom payroll integration, staff communication space, HR management, training, location budgeting, news feed, reporting, license management, fraud monitoring, and more.

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The Result

The application is now live and in use by thousands of businesses worldwide. Platform has already received rave reviews from users, praising the streamlined and seamless workforce management it offers. This versatile system continues to revolutionize the way businesses manage their workforces, boost productivity, and save time and money.

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